This page is designed to share updates with friends and family concerning Kathleen Davey's ongoing struggle to overcome the debilitating effects she suffers from due to a cardiac arrest. Kathleen and her family appreciate your support.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Desperate to hear her voice I looked back at our last email exchange:

From Mike: Re: Hey I love you!
There's something that i cant quite explain i'm so in love with you youll never take that away and if i said a hundred times before expect a thousand more
you never take that away well expect me to be calling you to see if you're ok when i'm not around asking if you love me i love the way you make it sound calling you to see do i try too hard to make you smile to make a smile and i will be calling you to see if you're sleepin are you dreamin if you're dreamin are you dreamin of me
i cant believe you actually
Been listening to Calling You (its so us) and thinking of you Do you have IM yet? if so then i can talk to you during finals :) Phone #s
ALBq Public Schools - Regina:(505)842-3588
Santa Fe Public Schhols - (505) 982-2631
Los Alamos Public Schools -
( (505) 663-2222
Rio Rancho - is online
Love you

Bean's Response:
Okay, so now I am crying. I love you so much. I think of you when I hear that song too. I'll call tomorrow. Love you. Give Rach a squeeze for me when you pick her up from your mom's. Samie and I will see you guys when we get home.
Re, IM... I don't and I am afraid to ask for it. Probably more trouble than it
is worth but I'll try to look into it today if I have time. I also
forgot the cell phone today, not quite with it. Oh well, I am sure there
will not be an emergency today where I will need it. (knock wood)


Bee, I need to hear your voice again. I miss you.

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