This page is designed to share updates with friends and family concerning Kathleen Davey's ongoing struggle to overcome the debilitating effects she suffers from due to a cardiac arrest. Kathleen and her family appreciate your support.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009
Samie has experienced a really tough few months. The loss of our close friend monster rich followed by her 11 year old friend Alexis were very difficult. For a time she retreated into melancholy but recently seems to have emerged and wrote this beautiful poem for Alexis:
I remember when we used to play,
Each and every sun-filled day.
With a smile, sweet as honey,
You: as animated as a bunny.
You would laugh as we would run
And we would have so much fun.

Just yesterday, we were playing ball;
Our big, bad Griggins won it all.
Then, Magic came along,
And without you days seemed so long.
The sky began to gray.
Alexis, please don't fade away.

I will search for someone as sweet as you.
An impossible task; unrealistic, too.
As I look up to the big blue sky
I wish that I could fly,
And once more see you today
To give softball one last play.

~ Samie Davey
Sunday, May 10, 2009
Mother's Day
The girls were busy nearly all day with sporting events but got to see their mom and deliver presents in the afternoon. Rachie and Samie read poems to her and then went swimming in the back yard to relax.
Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Kathleen continues in good health. Samie had part of her cold pool party in the backyard last Saturday. Unfortunately, Kathleen seems to be left out of family functions and visits more and more often. Its so hard to know if she registers anything after years of effort on our (and certainly her) part. The girls seem to need to move on now and rarely visit. I do not force the issue as I do not want to build resentment. I know Kathleen would understand and wish the best for the girls. Last week was a hard one as Mike attended the funeral of a good friend of Kathleen and the girls. Rich fought bravely against cancer and will be missed. Michelle and Lucy are in our whole family's thoughts

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