This page is designed to share updates with friends and family concerning Kathleen Davey's ongoing struggle to overcome the debilitating effects she suffers from due to a cardiac arrest. Kathleen and her family appreciate your support.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008
Nothing new to report. Kathleen continues to maintain the status quo and the girls are involved with multiple sports and activities during the weeekend and school during the week.

Get well soon...Best wishes.ST  


Thank you for the update, even without anything drastically new. I think of you every time I sign-on to my computer. Wishing all of you continued strength and courage.  


Hello there, I feel so much pain of your pain. But after reading part of your blog, our journey just started. My son got hit by a drunk driver. His girlfriend & the baby died. My son survived, but w/ severe brain injuries. Anyway, I stumbled onto your blog after doing extensive research regarding brain injuries. I thought I share this link of a family that has been going to China for Stem Cell treatments. I think the next trip in December is their fourth time. I'm not sure if the Stem Cell treatments are actually working, I have not read the entire blog. However, their son's body continues to grow healthy and strong, but still is PVS. The family is very hopeful and I admire the father for his dedication, just like I admire you. Take care, God Bless your Family.  


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